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Have you ever wondered why some things in wrestling just seem so weird? It's as if the same thing repeats itself, but you just can't figure out when it happened the last time or who was involved in it. That's because 'wrestling time' runs much faster than ordinary time. It means that in wrestling,
there is a thing which I call 'erased-history'. An event that took place 6 months ago might seem like 6 years ago, and vice versa. Some 
matches, (and storylines) in the wrestling business are purposely eliminated for certain causes, but when researched, these erased particles
just seem too strange to be true. That's why Freaks Inc has presented this section, called Weird Reality. It consists of all the events that I find
strange or just seem bizarre, yet are so true. Take your time to look around, I can't promise that you'll find these as intriguing as I did. Anyhow, I hope
you enjoy your browsing time here. Have A Freakin' Nice Day!



WWE's Kane               Jason                   Kane Hodder          Jason X
Kane & Jason (Friday the 13th) Connection
We've seen the movies, and we've even been shocked, surprised and frightened at the character known as Jason from all those Friday the 13th movies. And sometimes, we've also been strangely taken aback at the similarity between Jason and the WWE superstar, Kane, during his masked days. Kane may not be a bloodthirsty killer, but he's got that 'silent but deadly' look to his figure, and the mask gimmick really makes an impact. Now, here's the weird part. The name of the actor who plays Jason in all those Friday the 13th movies is Kane (yes, KANE) Hodder. Kane Hodder is the actor under the horrific mask of Jason, and has played Jason even in the recent Jason X. Hodder has also stared in films such as Spawn, Daredevil and Darkwolf.
Think about it for a while. Back in the WWF days, The Rock was a huge icon in the business, and Mankind was....well, insane but loveable. At that time, Booker T was a huge icon in the WCW, just like The Rock. The most loveable team was The Rock N' Sock Connection back in the days. Now, take a look at the team of Booker T, the huge icon...and Goldust, the insane but loveable character. You've got to admit, Booker and Goldy are some sort of a reincarnation of the former Rock & Mankind!
Bret Hart used to lead the team that was only supported outside the USA. It was the kind of team that went against America's cultures and ways of life. Although it was not a very loveable team in the US, it was enjoyable, seeing a lot of entertainment coming out and in the ring every time the Hart Foundation got involved. Keeping that in mind, think about the Un-Americans, involving Lance Storm, Test, Christian and then William Regal. In my opinion this is another replay of the classic Hart Foundation, only thing is the Hart Foundation lasted much longer than the Un-Americans.
Remember the time when The Undertaker had his face disfigured? The months after that saw 'Taker in a white mask. The mask gave him a more evil look, but was later removed and The Deadman returned to his normal 'in-ring' outfits. Years later, The Undertaker's brother, Kane came into the business with a mask on, completely covering his face. Kane's mask was altered in August 2002, and later on it bumped me that I had seen this mask on someone else, only in a different color. Guess what, it was the same mask design that The Undertaker used back then...and maybe, just maybe, the WWE removed it from 'Taker, because they wanted to use it for Kane, but didn't until 2002.

There was a time when the WCW phenomenon, Goldberg was the only undefeated wrestler in the company at that time. Goldberg made an impact by destroying everyone who opposed him and stood in his path. This led Goldberg to good fortune, winning championships in the process. In March 2002, Brock Lesnar made his debut in the WWE with his manager, Paul Heyman. Brock was the Next Big Thing in the WWE and defeated legends like Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker. He demolished The Rock and Rob Van Dam. He also made a name by lifting up the 500 pound Big Show (who later on defeated Lesnar) for the F5. So, it proves that there is a resemblance between Brock Lesnar of the WWE...and Goldberg of the former WCW.

REALLY WEIRD: Take a look at the fourth photo, doesn't it remind you of someone, especially the guy in a mask? The other person is indeed The Undertaker, before 1990, in WCW where he was called Mean Mark Callous. Shocking, how a once so plain wrestler has turned out to be a device of destruction in the WWE. But, that's not the strange thing about this picture....what's strange is the man wearing the mask. For one thing, he's taller than Mark aka 'Taker, he's got long hair, a hunched back and broad shoulders...all the features that belong to none other than Kane! Think about it, nobody has proven that Kane was always in the WWE, and there could be a part of Kane's history that was forgotten. Could it be that there was a chapter of Kane & The Undertaker even before they joined the WWF/E? Maybe not...but weird nevertheless, how one of The Undertaker's worst enemies in the WWE is (was) the masked Kane...and how he faced off with a masked opponent in WCW even before he became The Undertaker.
TRIPLE H vs. CACTUS JACK: Remember the times when Triple H and Cactus Jack were worst enemies in the WWF? Well, on Raw, sometime before the infamous Career Ending Hell In A Cell, Triple H proclaimed himself un-defeated by Cactus Jack, or Mankind, or even Dude Love. But...according to RAW achieves, Cactus has indeed beaten Triple H before, on the day of Mick's debut as Cactus on September 22 1997. Cactus Jack pinned Hunter Hearst Helmsly on that RAW night. Now, that's what I call erased-history!

THE UNDERTAKER vs. UNDERFAKER: Did you know that the infamous Underfaker, who had a very memorable match against The Undertaker, is actually Chainz, or Brian Lee. He has been in Smokey Mountain Wrestling, and also in the WWF. That's strange, but read this: sources say that The Undertaker (Mark Callaway), is in real life, is best friends with Brian Lee...Chainz, who dressed as The Underfaker. Take a look at the photo on your left. Weird huh, the way Brian Lee resembles his friend Mark Callaway. He's got the beard and that 'Badass' outfit that The Undertaker used even during entrances before his return at WrestleMania XX.

Take note of this: This has nothing to do with WWE storylines but has a weird connection nevertheless.
Think about this: Steven Sommers is the director for the Mummy and The Mummy Returns. He also directed Van Helsing, starring Hugh Jackman as Helsing. WWE was involved with The Mummy Returns because it was The Rock's debut film in which he played the Scorpion King. Now, take a look at Helsing's outfit. Black coat, a hat and hair up to his neck. Reminds you of The Undertaker, doesn't it? WWE and Steven Sommers get in line, and here comes Van Helsing with a costume that looks very much like The Undertaker's. And if you noticed, Paul Bearer was on (months ago) with an advertisement of Van Helsing: The London Assignment. Paul held the DVD in his hand. Hehe...weird, or just mix and match connection?!
y2j1studchamp.jpg (9259 bytes) JERICHO...1st UNDISPUTED CHAMPION?
Thanks to
ZacAttack518 for these facts & the Jericho pic.
Note: In all due respect to WWE & Chris Jericho, no offence meant.
Remember when Jericho won the Undisputed Championship at Vengeance 2001, and was named the first Undisputed Championship? Well, take a look back at WrestleMania IV, when Randy Savage won the title, which at that time was called the WWF Undisputed Championship.