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Kane has moved from fully covered face to a semi covered face.
When the mask was ripped, he was taken from long-haired, dark and demented to
short haired revenge-crazed. Then Kane removed even the slight traces of hair on his
head. Now Kane has moved from well-suited, to tanktop-less. 
Nevertheless, Kane remains a monster, regardless of his obstacle, he is now a driving
force in the WWE. 

What do you think?
Send in your comments to
and I'll place them here on Freaks Inc. in this section.

(29 DECEMBER 2003) 
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            - To say the least, Iíve got mixed reactions about the whole Kane scenario. For one thing, Iíve always loved the mystery behind Kaneís identity. The first time I saw Kane was during a match against Billy Gunn, and Iíve admired him ever since. His mask is what captures me the most; itís what makes the man into a monster. Kaneís career started to crash and burn ever since he returned in the new strap suit last year. He was damaged when he performed the Spin-a-roonie. His gimmick was almost destroyed when the Katie Vick saga began, and now the WWE has made Kane balance on a thin line by unmasking himself. In my opinion, if Kane remains this way, the WWE will just lead him to his downfall. To conclude everything, Kane should have kept the mask on for at least a few more years. There were a million ways to give Kane a career push, but unmasking him is a big risk by itself. But if the WWE was really desperate, they should have left him with his long hair, which would have made him look deformed yet demented and very fierce all together. 


             -Kane being unmasked was a bad idea, it has disappointed me because I have always looked at Kane as the only superstar with a gimmick as good as the Ďdark ageí Undertaker. The mask, the mystery revolving around him, the thought of him being deformed and demented at the same time just sends thrills down my spine, but now that Kaneís been exposed, it makes him look so normal. Unless something really great happens to return the monstrous effect to the Big Red Machine, I think the WWE should have never made Kane remove the mask. Or if it was REALLY time for the identity to be known, then the hair should have been left on him. The whole wig idea has left Kane in a mess. 

Kane removing his mask was partly a good move because it could take him to new hights. On the other
hand, it could also damage him once the gimmick gets old and stale. People used to admire Kane for the mask
and the impact and mystery it delivered. Now it's up to Kane to work twice as hard to keep his image going, without the mask at all. The wig on the other hand was very badly done. Kane has been unmasked numerous times and each time there was long hair on his scalp. How he suddenly got bald definitely confuses fans, and
makes the whole thing a really messy angle, seeing that the following week he hadn't any burnt scars at all, which were shown the week he unmasked.


             - I think Kane should have never agreed to unmask. By doing so, he should have at least won the championship. By unmasking himself, Kane has damaged his gimmick and himself as well. When someone mentions Kane, the first thing they think of is his mask. And the impact comes in when nobody knows how he looks like on the inside. But now, when everyone has already seen his face, there isnít any impact left in his career, and heís just like every other wrestler in the WWE. The worst part is, the hair had to come off Kane. It would have been okay if he unmasked, but still had hair. Looking at Kane without that long bunch of beautiful hair is simply disappointing.


It's kinda' sad that Kane had to reveal his identity. I kinda like him with the mask. I really feel sorry for him

LadyFire of All 4 Kane
-via E-Mail

I was greatly disappointed about Kane being unmasked. You know, your words captured it perfectly, not only for me but for everyone, none of us can relate that the guy we saw last night with Kane. We know Glenn Jacobs exists, we've seen unmasked pictures but Monday night was what I like to call a forced reality, WWE forced us to accept something, that we didn't want. Unfortunately, that was Glenn Jacobs, I don't know how to rationalize it, I guess somewhere in this world they say everyone has a twin but not this time. I definitely think that the fire still burns, just what is fueling the fire?

via E-Mail

-it's a really big mistake!! he must not do that!!! the mask is his trademark u know...i like him as a wild, mystery and unpredictable wrestler!!!

via E-Mail
I think that Kane being unmasked on WWE RAW! was pure genious. Think about it, it boosted his viewers to want to know more about the man behind the mask. I am not a real Kane fan but seeing him without his mask makes me wonder what else is up the production and writers team sleeve. You have to be able to see that Kane being unmasked now has to be explained. Since everyone has been told that was burnt by Undertaker as a child how can you explain the white skin underneath. What do you think will be said to explain this. I can not wait to tune into RAW the next week to see what happened.

via E-Mail
wwe should never have unmasked kane it has screwed with his head

via E-Mail
i think it was a scary site.kane has had that mask on for 5 years and hes been hiding that from us when its not even a big deal.whats up with scared my little brother but it didint scare me.rob van dam is right kane dosent need that mask!

via E-Mail
I have no clue why WWE wanted to come up with such angle but it surely sucks.It sucked big time,by the way.Don't worry much about Kane.He's still the Big Red Machine in a way.Maybe he'd become the unstoppable force in WWE and he might even beat HHH someday.

via E-Mail
Well i don't really understand it! For years when kane was wrestling the hair did look a bit fake but could pass for real. The night he fought triple H for the WH Title, it looked weirder than usual. So what i reckon is. The Night of the title match. Kane or Glenn, was replaced by someone else, or it was him, but on Raw the week l8r i think that that wasn't Glenn, but someone else. Firstly He looked as if he had been at the pub all week. He'd put on the weight, On his stomach and on his face, cut his hair and Grew a bigger head. There is no-way that it was the same Guy on eweek and the same guy the other. But its a good idea i think with the mask off. Its pretty weird i guess. you can't look at this guy and think its the guy thats been under the mask for so many years. JR on Fire! What Bulls**t! Every year someones on Fire! 1998= Kane vs. Undertaker: Inferno Match, Kane on Fire, Same Year: Kane sets the crew member on Fire, 1999=Triple H vs. Kane: Inferno Match, Kane on Fire! When will it stop. I hope Taker comes back 2 Raw and Feuds with Kane. They can tell the story of their child hood and how taker came home and the house was on fire. Then Kane could grab him and say you left me to burn! Then a casket would be brought to the ring and Kane would try and shove Taker in it! Taker would figth him off and the shove him in. He would then say: This time i will leave you 2 Burn. But this time! Die! Then Kane will be out the picture and come back with hair and all and be takers cousin: BRYAN CALLAWAY!

Tuomas Heinonen @ Finnish Kaneanite
via E-Mail
Well i have to say that i'm really pleased how Kane has turned out now that he is unmasked, he is now MUCH more scarier than he has been in years. Now he is a psychotic crazy bald man that still keeps the fire burning by wreacking havoc in WWE. Kane will only be completly lost when we fans (or kaneanites) turn our backs on him and i can't understand some fans reaction about it, i think that now when Kane has been "unleased" we see his potential to be realeased to the fullest and i would love to see Kane be the World Champ and have his reign for a long time, doing destruction in Raw. To Kane: "The Fire still burns!"

Crystal R. Hernandez
via E-Mail
Put your mask back on man so everyone will stop triping.You should get plastic surdery I'm not trying to be mean but it might help. I heard you are the undertakers twin is that true or not. you shoud get stings mask or your old one

via E-Mail
I was very skeptical about the whole Kane unmasking....but Kane is now getting the push that he needs.  The RAW on 7/21 was incredible!  I have re-wound and watched the last 5 minutes of the show around 30 times, just to see Kane go berserk and to listen to the crowd go crazy when he Tombstoned Linda.  It's about time that they use Kane the way he was meant to be.....a one man wrecking machine that cannot be reasoned with.  The Kane storyline is the best thing to happen to RAW in a VERY long time!!  And Kane was very intimidating, especially when he had Linda cornered by the Titantron.  It's about time Glenn Jacobs got some respect for the athlete and performer that he is.  I just hope he goes on a rampage and finally..after all these years of waiting, gets the Championship belt.  The guy deserves a chance to show us his mettle.  Hopefully, the writers will go along with this, and not ruin one of the greatest storylines in recent history!!!  Kane doesn't have to be a "heel" or a "face", he just has to be allowed to be the force of nature that he is.   thank you for the opportunity to get my opinion on-line,     CYCO                                                                      

First Of All I THink About The Unmasking Thing In Two Ways.1 Hes A Phycho Killer Now..2 He was a phycho killer when he first came into wwf...And anouther thing WHO GIVES A RATS ASS IF HES UNMASKED!? He is still the greatests PERIOD!

I  have been watching Kane since 1998 and is my favourite wwe superstar .I think that unmasking Kane was a great idea, I mean for seven years he had been stuck underneath that mask, it started to get a bit boring around about the year 2000 and they went treating Kane with top superstar status. now that Kane has unmasked we have seen a different side of Kane, he has attacked the two gms the ceo and a hole lot of superstars. Kane will be treated differently and he will get allot more title shots.

Hi..just wanted to put in my two cents on what I think of Kane unmasking. I am a Kane fan and have been for three years. I love Kane, have always loved Kane, and the unmasking storyline is giving him the kind of push that he's always needed. Personally, I think everyone likes him much more as a face, but it doesn't matter to me cause I'm a faithful fan no matter what. Look at it this way, at least it's making the WWE interesting. Thanks!!!

This is about Kane's recent unmasking.  I have mixed feelings about this whole situation.  I've watched that big red machine since the first time he walked down that arena pathway in 1997 at badd blood to confront his older brother in the hell in a cell. I've watched him raise hell in that mask for 7 years!  While all of my friends cheered for guys like Stone Cold and HHH, I was there cheering for that big red monster, all the time.  I must admit I didn't have a very good feeling when he finally took his mask off on raw.  It was the end of an awesome era of hell fire and brimstone.  Why they chose to have Kane's hair come off is beyond me.  But the unmasking of Kane also means this could be a beggining of w new awesome era.  It could also mean better things for Kane...such as bringing back the Tombstone Piledriver...:)  I've been cheering for Kane for 7 years straight, but this whole unmasking thing kinda shocked me.  But I believe that the new Kane will be bigger, better, and badder (is that a word?).  And I also believe that Kane will continue to walk threw hell fire and brimstone to please his fans

i have been watchin Kane since 1998 (i think) deffinitely the most interesting character....because of the  mask....the mask was Kane and now it's gone i don't think things will get any better.......sure his persona is FREAK'N COOL but will it last forever???? at the moment the"kane unmasked" storyline is the most entertaining i;v ever seen,but soon it will end and then what will happen then??? whatever happens i'll always stick buy him...KANE WE LOVE YOU MAN GOOD LUCK


My Name is Mesbah. My Nickname is DarkFire Taker (Call me DarkFire Taker) ! I`m a Kaneanite (Kane`s Fan) ! I Have a Text (Comment) about His Unmasking ! I Have been watching Kane since 1999.
Here is The Text:
When i saw kane unmasked, i was surprised. I don`t Understand. When he was unmasked, he had beard and Burned Marks. The Next Week, is all gone ! I think that the WWE Change Kane (They Put another Person to Play The Role of Kane). I like Kane with his Mask better than Kane Unmasked ! Now Kane has gone Out-Of-Control & i don`t like that ! He has hurt lots of innocent Peoples ! All his Victims was: Rob Van Dam, Eric Bischoff, Tommy Dreamer, Rico, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Jim Ross, Linda McMahon, Couple of Other Persons, etc. I Don`t Like That ! He may hurt a WWE Diva (I hope not) ! Is Anybody Safe from Kane !  Will Kane be Fired ! What will happen to Kane ! The Fire Still Burns ! Will The Fire Stop ? Will Kane going to Calm Down ! Will The Time Come !Continue Watching WWE RAW Everyone ! Thanks ! Bye Bye !

Kanes unmasking was a very bad idea, as you all know all the feds are a story, what happens every night is planned and revised, all they had to do to give kane a spark was to let him win some matches. Ever since i started watching wrestling Kane has been my idle, his mask made him what he is, the character wasnt the body, it was the mask, thats what made his character so special. What made it even worse is that the story for Kanes normal face was a mental issue, i love the drama in the WWE more than anyone but that was worse than when Stephanie falsely stated she was pregnant

I have been watching wrestling since 1988 and my best wrestler is The one and only Deadman! My comments about Kane is that it is about time he showed the world his face...i just wish it could have been on his own terms and not eric's.

I think its pure torture for Kane. They shouldnt of made Kane unmask because it ruined his character for everyone to see his face. I am mad at the WWE for doing this. They should of let Kane win the belt instead of HHH winning again on RAW. I think its terrible them doing this to the fake Kane. Everyone knows this isnt the real Kane! I heard the real Kane left the night he unmasked, and this is a fake Kane filling in. I am dissapointed in what they did and they ruined the Kane character. He was my favorite WWE Superstar and Im upset for them having him unmask. *The Fire Still Burns*

Well I ve been watching wrestling since 1997 and I was watching Bad Blood when he made his debut. He loooked  scary and was a perfect match for the Undertaker. When Kane first came to the WWF he was an emotionless monster, and i think that is what caught a lot of peoples eye. The voicebox gimmick was really good and made it seem as though he was really burnt and had been handicapped. The beginning of Kanes downfall is when they tried to humanize him, when he first talked without the voicebox and said the words "Suck It". First of all Kane was not a Degenerate, he "was a monster". Then the next mistake was him changing his mask his outfit and his Finishing Move. Who could change from a Tombstone to a chokeslam, I dont even think it could have put anyone down for 3. That was a huge mistake. Then he started to be funny which was never part of his character. He teamed up with Hulk Hogan and The Rock, which in his best hour he would have never done. Then he left and when he came back in August of 2002 he had changed his mask yet again, exposing the bottom part of his face. If he was supposed to be burnt why would he expose his face?Then he did his infamous Kane-a-rooni, which was totally out of his personality. Then he teamed with the Hurricane. Then he was with RVD. How could they lose to 2 French guys? Come on! Then he came back into character for about a minute by destroying La Resistance with a steel chair. Then he lost to Triple H, and he took off the mask along with a wig. They try to make people think he always had a wig. Well if you look at a picture from an earlier match its different. Then he chokeslams RVD. Come on why would he have black on his face? Burns turn into scars! Then in the past weeks hes slipped into a new personality Big Rampaging Machine. When he tombstoned 2 people. which both looked totally fake. I'm just totally disappointed at the way they've destroyed Kanes character. The only reasonTriple H didnt lose to any1 including Kane, is because he is in real life marrying Stephanie McMahon!!

Afko Kafedzic

Alonso Gonzalez
hey Im Also A kaneanite i like it now that he took off the mask hes very cool Hurtin all those people NOW he's INVINSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think Kane shouldn't have took off his masked because he's just not the BIG RED MACHINE without it he doesn't even fight the same

Okay people this is the real deal the bald man is actually Glenn Jacobs no one didn't reconize him becase shaved his head and eyebrows. The wwe wanted Kane to be umasked that way it could look like the mask or the black towel that he wears over his head is constricting his real power. Now that he is unmasked he is has the Out-of-control-maniac and he is going to have this gimmik for about 4 months. Later on Kane will regrow his hair (you can see it growing gradually) but his hairline will start at the top of his head. Then he is going to tranfer to Smackdown and beat up the Undertaker.

ChokeSlam 92
i think it was a stupid idea!

Adam Rand
Kane being unmasked is one very very big mistake. This has now ruined everything kane was and what he stood for. He was the mysterious unknown wrestler which added so much exitement. You may of noticed that gradually they have been revealing kane stage by stage 1st of all is wen he started to talk which was another mistake. All of this is now gone and you are left with yet another average general wrestler :( I used to love the "WWF" yes WWF not WWE. WWE just doesn't sound right and wenever i hear the words WWE i just feel sad of wot the good ol' WWF has become. When I found out that it was not called WWF no more I knew it was time to stop watching altogether as everything else was just going to get worse and worse and it has. Other the years true characters have gone out of the WWF such as the dark, vintage undertake who is now just seen as some guy that comes out on a motorbike. How terrible is all of this. All the real stars have gone, yes gone, what the hell have they done to the WWF that i used to love back in 98/99. I loved it so much, it was 1 of the most exiting things ever that I could not miss and now Its just tooooo boring too watch :(. Oh i 4got they got all the crappy "old" wcw wrestlers in it aswell which just put it right down. It's too late to repair all the damage of whats been done in the WWE (really hate saying WWE, i just feel the need to say WWF). I hope theres people that also feel strongly about this too, im sure theres many of u out there.

not sure if i had to include that top part..and im prbly a bit late commenting on this...but just incase, here i go for a second...first, kane being unmasked completely sucked an still does..this storyline just keeps getting more lame as it goes on. its just sad, kane was so great an look what they did to him..this character is not goin to last long if they keep goin like this..unless that turns out not to be the real kane and sometime in the future the real one returns an it was all just a sham or somethin, but blah..i dunno, we'll another thing, thats not glenn jacobs :| ...look at pictures of glenn unmasked an this kane character unmasked....WHERE THE HE11 IS GLENN?? heh u know oddly enough i first came to this conclusion because i noticed his skin tone isnt the same as it used to be, he used to get kind of red splotchy from the heat or whatever or he doesnt anymore...?? maybe its all in my mind..but i know that is not glenn jacobs and it doesnt seem right unmasking kane as a completely different person. if they had to do it, they shouldve at least unmasked the right person..grr..ok so yeah, maybe jacobs left because of this whole storyline..or maybe he abandoned the kane character because of it an is waiting for them to develop him a new character...aaahh i dont know, this is all a bunch of rubbish and for all i know the unmasked kane is infact glenn jacobs and i just have bad pictures to compare...BUT I SWEAR ITS this isnt even what im suppose to be commenting on...heh, sorry ppl...ok so yeah kane unmasked is a no go in my opinion. i love the kane character an have for awhile..but this just wasnt a smart move i think..ooh but they did do good getting someone that could be takers brother heh, they kind of resemble each other..a little bit, like mostly in the nose an stuff..uuhm...yeah. 

Sorry,my real name is Raphael. i am wacthing Kane ever since 1998 and Austin was supposed to be my favorite wrestler,but then I saw the was KANE!!Then I watched him many times.
  I was so disapointed in the unmasking part,but he became even more monstrous than before!! He is so cool. He beats up RVD,Bischoff,and Austin. I don't care if he has the mask or umasked i just like him and....KICK SHANE'S ASS!!!!  

  Patty Kreider
I think Kane is a wonderful wrestler no matter what he looks like. But I think that he went to far about attacking people like setting Jr. on fire, and tombstoning Linda McMahon and attacking Shane McMahon. But what I seen Monday October 6th with Shane and Kane I felt so sorry for Kane because he didn't deserve to be brutally hurt like that. Shane went to far with the limo.

  Queen Bling
Hi! My name is Queen Bling and I'df like to say that I think Kane is damn good-looking and I love everything about even the mad things he does! And just to prove that I am a total maniac for Kane(Kaneanite),I actually hate everybody who has even laid a finger on Kane! I even think that there is not even a bigger Kane fan than me! And just for the record, I think Kane unmasking is the greatest storyline in the history of wrestling!And I believe that Kane is a much bigger,better and stronger Big Red Machine!And if Kane was just a little bit younger and he was not married then I would of married him myself! And if you think that I am perverted then you can e-mail me at!Thank You and to Kane: The Fire Still Burns in you and me! And if you ever get this message: I LOVE YOU!

  R Hayes
I've been watching kane for years.. I'm a huge fan of the original kane, not the scab. The
original kane was tighter built, had high thin cheekbones, thinner lips, and a reddish
beard.. If the original kane(glen Jacobs?) Had to leave for awhile, for whatever reason,
Vince should have showed the orginal kane some respect, and let him go public,and
let him tell the public that he needs to retire for a short while for personal reasons, and
not put some dancing chicken in his wrestling attire to make his character something
that i don't believe the orignal kane would do.
          Every-one knows that if your face is burnt so bad as a child that u have to wear a
mask, Then u should know that even plastic surgery can't fix him to where he would
have no scars, like the wwe is wanting us to believe..I'm a person who pays close
attention to detail.. I 'll say it's obvious that the wwe has pulled a switch..
Now that i have figured this out, Where's the original kane.. The dancing chicken sucks..
If the orignial kane is out for good, so should be his character, and vince should
dispose of his character with respect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Asko Kafedzic
Ok in my opinion the things has been doing since

 Unmasking are just the things you would expect 

sumone as 
emotionlessas KANE.The Chokeslam to hell

 that he gave to Eric Bischoff wasn't painful

enough.The stuff he did to 
Shane Mcmahons nuts on a

 recent raw(bout a week ago)was funny as hell.I think

Kane should Challenge Goldberg to a worldheavyweight

 title match in HELL IN A CELL at Wrestlemania XX.I

Kane and Nash should team up and go for world

 Tag Team Titles.Since 
Unmasking Kane finds sum1 to

 attack(currently Shane) and beats the daylights 
out of

them.As 4 RVD wat on earth is he thinkin trying to

 stop Kane.NO ONE CAN STOP KANE.if 
Evolution really

 thinks they r so great they shood lock Kane and Randy

 Orton in a room and listen to randy orton 

thrown around slammed through tables.also just 1


 Earlier it 
would have been

Joseph B
Here's my take on Glen's "Kane" Jacobs change. Glen's best gimmick is Kane, the younger brother of Undertaker!
'Taker and Kane's mom probably married 'Taker's dad, had 'Taker, and then they seperated. She became enchanted with Paul Bearer, and had Kane. She headed back to the 'Taker household, not telling of what happened during the seperation, seeing as the family had reunited. Everything was going well until the day Paul showed up with Kane, revealing the truth of the fact that 'Taker had a younger brother! 'Taker was irate, and began playing with matches. Paul probably told 'Taker that the only way to get revenge is if he destroyed Kane so he'd be an only child again. But, Bearer then had a change of heart due to the fear of his son being killed, so Kane was hidden. But, the widepsread fire reached Kane's sancturary, and thus, Kane was burned on his face by the fire and all of his true hair decentegrated, leaving Kane bald. In the end, Kane survived, while the house burned down and 'Taker's dad and the mother of both children were burned alive! Knowing he was responsible for the incident, Paul Bearer hid Kane from 'Taker for many years, and was watching the Dead Man constantly (which explains why he was side by side with 'Taker for many years) in fear of the time when 'Taker realised that the younger sibling he tried in vain to destroy was still alive, when Paul probably kept saying he was dead. So, after years of hiding, Kane shows up, covered in a full mask and wig, because he's ashamed of his burns and baldness. After many years destroying people in WWF/WWE, Kane's physical burns had disappeared from his cheek and chin regions (which explains the half-mask he wore), yet the burns around his eyes remained until the Mask vs Title match against Triple H. Once unmasked, Kane was upset of finally showing his baldness and scarred face, so he underwent a one-night (unseen) plastic surgery to remove the scars. But, his doctor was ex-wrestler and demented dentist, Issac Yankem (really Glen under two gimmicks, which we all know) who gave Kane drugs and told Kane that the burns were still visible when he knew they weren't! So, Kane goes on a rampage destroying anyone in his path who tells him that he's prefectly fine and that the burns had healed (like J.R.), because he took Yankem's words as the truth and thus, the burns returned, but in a mental sense, destroying Kane's mind, making him become once again the sick b*****d we knew from the days of old (explains why he turned heel again). So, in other words, "the wonder of the world is gone, I know for sure, and all of the wonder I want I've found in her (the drugs he got from Yakem)...I strive to burn when the flame returns (this means the burns and his hatred for everyone)...connect me and you can be my chemical (his drugs are the slow, chemical-types that flow in you making you believe anything)...give me the drug you know I'm after (he takes the drugs making him still believe the burns are there and thus, make him crazy again)..."-Finger Eleven's Slow Chemical, which is a suitable song for Kane due to the story I believe should have been or is being told (but with parts missing).

  Amanda Weaver

  Danny The Sandman
im 1 of kanes biggest fans... i feel taking off the mask was't the smartest thing to do...not becouse of his of "oh its kane the mask" but becouse glenn wresatle there befor...hell he had a bid fued with taker and now hes his bro... dose the wwe think were stupid or some thing true fans will never forget who kane was... kane is sill my fav. i hope the fire will forever burn in life and death...the name of kane will never befor gotten. the spon of all evil.

  Dean Cliff
Kane being unmasked is gay .. i liked him better in his mask.. in fact i liked him better back when he had long hair...Back then it seemed like he was really burned but now i feel really dumb that all that was fake.. I think he should put on his old outfit(the one he debuted in) , his hair and team up with Paul Bearer and have that "Evil look" that he had before. I think the fire has just about went out

  Steve Cross
kane is the best beat everyone Kane!!!

  Andy Margera
im a huge wrestling dad used to hang with the day Kane (aka)  
(THE BIG RED MACHINE)took his mask off did some research on him and  it turns out he was never burned in the first place now however last couple of weeks he did when shane o mac threw him in the fire

vitchgarden aka Brock Lesnar
my favorite wwe superstar is kane. I still like him after he unmasked, but I was disappointed because I thought wwe would put visible scars and burns all over him to make him look more like a monster. kane was suppose to be terrifying. I still don't get why he's not even the slightest bit deformed, I thought his storyline's is he being burned when he was a kid, due to the undertaker. now..what happened anyway? and why is he bald? but...nonethe less, kane is still cool. I still like it when he comes out the arena, his entrance music is great...if they change THAT too, oh man...that's gonna suck.

Caroly Fitch
Ok first I would like to make it clear that kane is my favorite wrestler becasue like my self he is burend to an accident when he was younger so i feel i can relate to kane but why do people diss him?
kane is coler than any other person in the wwe and you freaks Know it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kane i think you rock. i am your biggest and best fan of all time. i like you with or without the mask, your still my favorite wrestler.

Tim Cirilli
I think Kane being unmasked is good and bad because it gives him the push he neded and it takes away from the character

I think Kane being Unmasked was a huge step in his time of Fear now people can look at the face that there fearing and Shane is going to Face His Fear this Sunday and hes going to look into the face of death when Kane kicks his ass from Heaven all the way down to hell

Shun Jie
I felt very sad when the Big Freakin Machine had unmasked himself 
infront of
everybody.... His long hair had gone and left with a little hair behind 

Jason Utah
i am a big big fan of kane i did not see kane ontell 1999 when he was as all of us knew him as the big red monster
my step dad got me into wwf (wwe) and seces then i like kane even when DX drove him out i said every night i hopp kane comes back and kick all of DX butts then he did and he leaved them i a pool of blood and then he when to playing around even then i staded true to him know with his mask  is off he is back to the monster we all fell in love whith kicking a<> and taking names later and not careing what the boss sayes we all love kane the 6foot 395lb man hey kane if you read this pealse e-mail me at k and if anyone reades this and thinks the same way i do you can mail me 2 and if you think kane sucks then u can tell that to the big man him self and u can kiss all our @ss

I used to like RVD alot and of course Kane ha s been my favorite since the beginning. So when th tag teams where formed ( RVD an Kane) I was in heaven. Then I knew that one day Kay would blow his top off because of RVDís *cool living* and *who cares* attitude. Kane just wanted to be left alone. Honestly, I wanted that too.Now that Kane has been filled with rage and envie, he just wants to destoy all that is in site. I find this most ashame because people hate Kane just as much as they hate doing their taxes. I know you canít like everybody in wrestling, but rare are those who still have respcet for this red giant. No matter what happens, I still have faith that Kane will someday return to his normal self and regain the love of many other people. One thing is for sure, I will always admire kane.

I first saw Kane in 1996 or 1997 in Cincinnati's Mall.  He was bigger than life.  I liked what Kane stood for.  Kane didn't take nothing from nobody.  They messed with him and he messed right back.  But, for the last few years they have been making a big joke out of him.  I think Kane has it in him to rule the WWE, but they just have him playing roles.  Undertaker and Kane both are Bigger than life and are the real money makers in wrestlers anymore.  Most of the other wrestlers are just actors or role players.  They don't really have it in them to play the game like these boys do, and yet they still just dangle Kane as a joke, never giving him what he really deserves just making a joke of him.  I have just about quit watching wrestling and it doesn't seem like it's getting any better

First of all, I would like to thank you for letting me express my feelings about the Kane unmasking storyline, I mean ever since, I've been filled with rage. I've been watching Kane ever since he came into the WWE in '97, I mean we all know how big the nWo was in the WCW, and as soon as Kane arrived in the WWE, I started watching the Federation again. I mean, the first time he came in, he was a monster. Then, King of the Ring '98, he comes out in a new outfit and that's where his downfall began. I mean a 'psychotic' monster going into a First-Blood match would not completely change his outfit due to the risk of bleeding. Then in an angle where DX tookKane's mask off in '99, KANE HAD HIS HAIR ON! Then in Summerslam 2000, The Undertaker takes Kane's mask off and guess what? KANE HAD ALL OF HIS HAIR ON! In 2001/2002 on an episode of SmackDown!, Kane was facing Edge in an IC Title match and during it, Kane's mask almost fell off but he managed to keep it on but you could still see NO HAIR was attatched to the mask. In 2003, Batitsta takes Kane's mask off and Kane runs backstage with his full hair on!!! What the hell is going on? And look at all the Kane costume changes, the one in 2001 where he changed to the nylon mesh tank-top, then the even more see-through costume, then he comes back to RAW at MSG with a half-mask, which even the casual fan could see that "there's nothing wrong with his face other than his eye". Why would a psychotic monster do that? Then he becomes half-bald, with smeered face-paint all over. Then a week later, he comes out completely bald and no scars. I'm sorry, but too much wrestlers are getting short hair-cuts these days, and it's getting stupid. But anyways, I still love Kane for the athlete he is, to Glenn Jacobs : You're still my favorite and best all-time wrestler I've ever seen. For 6'10 and 315 Pounds, you can do some stuff that some mid-size wrestlers can't, and I admire you ALOT. And not only that, but I think you deserve the WWF World Championship and you should have more respect by the WWE officials other than Shane McMahon beating you in less than 5 mins on house shows. Sorry if it's long, but that's all I had to let out. You know, I wrestle fpor the WWZ, but I'm still a fan of Kane's. I mean wrestling is not easy, and the flying Kane can do around the ring like over the top rope and onto the outside is ESCPECIALLY NOT EASY. Thanks Kane, but there's only so far you can reach with the psychotic unmasked gimmick, please re-grow your hair and become the Kane we're all acustomed to. Thanks Kane





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