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Date: 21st April 2005
Venue: Madison Square Garden

      SmackDown! got underway with JBL and Kurt Angle sitting beside Michael Cole and Tazz, doing commentary during the match between Big Show and Booker T. Kurt and JBL were bickering all the way, but then decided to interfere in the match towards the end. They attacked both men to cause a double disqualification, which meant that it would be just Kurt Angle and JBL the following week. unfortunately for them, Theodore Long, General Manager of SmackDown! made his way to the ring and announced that next week, as a result of JBL's and Angle's doings, the fans would see a Fatal Four Way Number 1 Contender's Match pitting JBL, Angle, Big Show and Booker T against each other. As for tonight, a Tag match was booked, pitting Booker and Show against JBL and Angle!
        Carlito's Cabana was on, and Carlito did the usual taunting of the fans
. He spoke about how he had an apple and would spit in everybody's faces, because New Yorkers were not cool, and he noticed how the kids in NY would never grow up to be cool. He also said that New Yorkers should keep their cool, and play it cool. Eddie, the Cabana guest, was introduced. Eddie called out Rey Mysterio and apologized for how he had been so engrossed with getting back the WWE Championship which he lost ayear ago. Eddie said that from now on, he was going to concentrate on what he had, that was family and the Tag titles...and Eddie saw Rey as family. Suddenly, MNM were on screen, and they challenged Eddie and Rey to a Tag team championship match. When called out, they refused to get to the ring, and as the camera zoomed out, Eddie realized that MNM were in his low-rider...and then the duo started to mock Eddie by spray painting it. During the break, Eddie and Rey ran backstage to find the damaged low rider. Eddie promised that MNM would pay.
            Matt Morgan made his match dubut by pitting against a jobber, who was squashed and then pinned by the aggressive Morgan. Backstage, Orlando told the Bashams that Cena needed to be softened up before his match, and that after Jordan's match...he had another job for the Bashams. One of the Bashams eventually said that he was getting pretty sick of this.
             John Heidenreich was out in the ring and said that during his past few days in NY, he'd made a lot more friends, and one of them was the Brooklyn Brawler. The Brawler made his way out, but looked displeased with Heidenreich. Brawler said that Heidenreich's poems stunk, the way the NY yankees choked to the Boston Red Sox stunk, and the whole stinking city was embarrassing. Brawler then changed his NY jersey into a Boston jersey plus the cap, and said that from now on, he wanted to be called the Boston Brawler. Heidenreich said that if Brawler wasn't a freind of the New Yorkers, then he was no friend of Heidenreich's. Brawler was then slammed with a Sideslam, and was called a traitor.
                Towards the end of Eddie's and Rey's Tag Team Championship defence,
Towards the end of the match, Rey had set up Mercury for a 619, but Melina interfered. Eddie Guerrero went to chase off Melina, who then jumped on Eddie, which left Nitro to attack a wide open Rey from behind and set up the elevated DDT by MNM for the pin on Rey. After the match, Eddie got bitter and gave Rey a hard shove, pushing him to the mat. A disgusted Rey stood up and returned the favor.
                  The main event was John Cena taking on Orlando Jordan. The match went pretty well until the Bashams got in the middle of it. Despite the interference, Cena was able to kick out of Orlando's pin. Cena was able to recuperate and deliver a devastating FU to Orlando Jordan, thereby allowing himself to secure the pin. Cena then got out of the ring, celebrating, while lifting a young kid on his shoulders, as the show went off air.

Matt Morgan defeated 'jobber'
Big Show & Booker T ended with a double DQ
MNM defeated Rey Mysterio & Eddie Gurrero to become NEW Tag Team Champions
Booker T & Big Show defeated John Bradshaw Layfield & Kurt Angle
John Cena defeated Orlando Jordan