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Raw kicked off with a vignette from last week's incident in which Lita betrayed her husband, Kane. The vignette was followed by a line-up of guards along the ramp and the entrance of Edge and his new partner in crime, Lita. Mr. 'Money In The Bank' stood beside Lita as she told the crowd that they could pass as many remarks as they wanted, but what she did wasn't wrong, because Kane owed her for the kidnapping, the forced pregnancy and the loss of her baby. She admitted seeing Edge behind Kane's back for months, and said the fans were jealous because she had more action in a few months than the fans have had in their entire lives. Edge took the mic off Lita, and said that he would win the Worlds Title tonight...and Lita could be a sl*t...but she was his sl*t.

Eric Bischoff prepared a 'funeral' for ECW and was out in the ring for the eulogy. He ranted about how he killed ECW and robbed their locker rooms. His speech was interrupted by the constant chant of 'ECW' by the fans and the sudden entance theme of Mr.McMahon himself.