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Batista/ Triple H/ John Bradshaw Layfield Conflict
    As Freaks Inc has speculated before, Batista may very well take on JBL instead of Triple H at WrestleMania 21. This is caused by certain factors, including the need to prolong Evolution's dominant existence in the WWE. Yes, Evolution did start-off with only Flair and Triple H, but didn't prove as dominant until Batista and Orton became members sometime later. Randy's exit from Evolution was unavoidable, but Batista's status in the group may still be secure.
    Here's how it goes: Batista and Triple H have some heat going on between them, and everybody's sure that Batista's going to win at WM21. But Batista feels that taking on JBL is a better choice and moves to SmackDown!. At WM21, Batista either wins, and becomes the most dominant superstar on SmackDown! (which would eventually lead him into The Undertaker's yard)...OR Batista would lose, and indirectly prove that Triple H is always right and is always the supreme force in the WWE. This way, Triple H's status shoots way higher, and so does JBL's (since he could never put down The Undertaker). Now, what IF Batista decides to take on Triple H on WM21?
    That's simple. Now, there's a 99% chance that Triple H was the one who played JBL's taped interview on Raw, just to lure Batista away from him. Once Batista finds out, he's definitely gonna' stick a knife at Triple H's throat, and further interrogate The Game (knowing that Triple H is only doing this because he fears Batista). So at WM21, Batista will versus his Evolution teammate...and most probably lose the match. This is WWE's way of saying that, 'Triple H is always that damn good'. (Frankly people, there's nothin' wrong with that). So the perspective is simple: Batista is dominating, aggressive, smart and a menacing power in the business, but he still can't put down Triple H. But IF things seem to be on Batista's side, and WWE does decide to terminate Batista's membership from Evoluton, then the new World Heavyweight Champion is none other than Big Dave himself, Batista!

Kane/ The Undertaker/ Gene Stitsky/ John Heidenreich

    Ironic, isn't it? Kane buries his brother, The Undertaker, only to find him coming back for some vengeance at WrestleMania XX. The Undertaker is now stronger than ever and on a winning streak. He hasn't even been pinned legally since WMXX. Strangely, instead of bashing Kane up, he should have thanked him, coz' if it weren't for Kane, The Undertaker would have never turned to his darker sides again. Anyway, back to the story.
    It's already