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IMPORTANT NOTE: Please  bear in mind that this site does not publish news to provoke a certain or particular group or individual in the WWE. News on this site is gathered from various sources and published for your knowledge and reading pleasure. Not everything on this page may be true, therefore Freaks Inc. apologizes if there is anything here that sets a negative perspective on anyone including WWE Superstars.  This site is dedicated to the fantastic talent that work in WWE, and Freaks Inc respects their privacy and welfare 100%. What you read is NOT guaranteed true. It's all for the sake of hype and entertainment! Note: Freaks Inc does not mean to hurt or hate any particular group or superstar. Everything you read here may not be 100% accurate or true. There is no offence meant to any superstar or individual. This is a fansite dedicated to the awesome people who work as wrestlers in the WWE, and Freaks Inc respects each and every one of them.