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   Welcome to Freaks Incorporated, where freaks rule! This is a World Wrestling Entertainment site, but has no private connections with any of the wrestlers, staff or members associated with the WWE. Anyways, RAW and SmackDown results will be put up on the site within 24 hours after the show goes off television. Pay-Per View results will be on the site for at least a month, until the next P.P.V comes up. Feel free to look thru the image galleries and other sections of the site. Also, feel free to E-Mail me at Thanks for visiting and have a freakin' nice day!!!





(results will be up until the next PPV)

                                                                                                   CURRENT ISSUES:

Booker T has managed to push himself to the top of the league, 
and by winning the Battle Royal, has given himself the chance to face Triple H 
for the World heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 19. Booker T was formally 
associated with Goldust and kept himself competing in the Tag Championship division. 
Now, Booker has the opportunity to take back the title which he himself brought into the WWE, 
after the WCW had closed down.

A greatly anticipated match is set to take place at Wrestlemania, for now. 
Many fans around the world had wanted to see Kurt Angle take on Brock Lesnar for a long time. 
The match was set on Smackdown, but ended up a brief and 'no contest' sort of brawl. 
Kurt Angle holds the WWE Championship, and at Wrestlemania, will defend it against the winner of the 
Royal Rumble, Brock Lesnar. It's F5 vs. Angle Slam in a match that promises 
to be one of the greatest events in WWE history. 

The Rock is back, with a new look and a brand new attitude. The Great One is now 
a major bad-guy, and as things are unraveling, seeing that The Rock is now on RAW, it seems 
that yet another Stone Cold vs. The Rock match is set for Wrestlemania this year. We saw The Rock 
win the championship at Wrestlemania 1999' from Austin. Then in 2001, we saw Stone Cold take the 
championship from The Rock, and turn heel. We can only guess what carnage will go down in 2003!  



According to many sources, including the RAW magazine, 2003 is set to be an unforgettable year for the WWE. 
The Undertaker is set to make an impact also. After failing to capture the WWE Championship time after time, Taker might find that he needs someone to look over his back. This will lead The Undertaker to form an invincible partnership, and will associate himself with a few members to form an army of unstoppable fighters. Before the year ends, The Undertaker will make an announcement so will rock the entire world. Could it be, that The Undertaker will somehow form a new Ministry Of Darkness?!   


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this section contains images and storylines that have repeated themselves in a not so obvious way. Other than that, it has things that are really strange in the world of wrestling, but are not realized that easily. 

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