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 Ever wanted to see the Heart Break Kid take on Hulk Hogan inside a Steel Cage? Or is your taste more to Stone Cold vs. Rowdy Roddy Piper? Or maybe you like newer superstars, and would prefer a Randy Orton vs. John Cena bout? Whoever or whatever you like, here's the place for you to share your dreams. This is the Matches: Most Wanted section, where you, the WWE fans get to share your dream matches for all to see. So don't feel awkward...your dream match could be anything...and where better to share it than on Freaks Inc?!
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- Important: This is not a request site. It's like a forum where people share their thoughts. I hope it's clear that this is where wrestling fans get to share what they'd like to see happen, because anything goes in the WWE. This is not a match request page. Have a Freakin' Nice Day!
Again, please remember to include your name OR nickname, this helps me address you. Add your E-Mail address if you wish...and don't worry because I won't publicize it unless you want me to.
* Also, is possible, explain why you'd like to see your specific match. Your match doesn't have to be something that hasn't happened yet. Mention the type of match if possible.

A simple request: This is a site dedicated to the WWE, and is by me, a WWE fan...made FOR WWE
fans. All of you have contributed generously while taking your time and I am grateful. Nevertheless, there
still seems to be that minority that enjoys bombarding the business and this page with rude, vulgar and
offensive language and statements. Those submissions will NOT be published. Please, this is a fan based
site, not a hate page.

The Fans  The Dream Matches
Vijaya John Cena vs Randy Orton
 : This match would be so awesome because John Cena and Randy Orton are the future of this industry, and seeing them in an intense bout could take things as high as a Stone Cold/ The Rock rivalry. Randy has the charisma, speed and strength whereas Cena has that thug-like attitude that is definite to take him to the top. These two are the ones who will deliver matches as big as The Rock vs. Austin in the future.
Vivek Stone Cold vs. The Undertaker : No Holds Barred
: We've seen this match happen numerous times, but I'd love to see it one more time because these two can create a scene in the ring unlike any other two people in the business. Things would be all the more better is the World or WWE Championship was on the line. The match would be a brutal, intense, one heck of a ride bloodbath...and in the end the winner wouldn't matter because the match itself would leave fans in a state of awe.
Unknown John Cena vs. Goldberg
Unknown Randy Orton vs. The Rock
Ariana Valle John Cena vs Batista.
: It would be just like the game "SMACKDOWN! vs RAW" where all the wrestling fans go with the guy of the show they like best. These two didn't get the best of each other at the Royal Rumble. That's why I think they should go one on one. It would be a very physical and long match. Batista has the strength and body to take people down. John Cena has that tough thug-like person inside and no matter what it takes he doesn't give up! So this match is basically WWE Champion vs.
World Heavyweight Champion.     
Julian Derez_42 Randy Orton vs. The Rock: 3rd Generation Stars Match
: We saw Randy and Rocky fight it out at WrestleMania 20, but that was in a Tag Team Match. My dream match is Randy Orton vs. The Rock in a one on one match. Both men are 3rd generation superstars, and both have a lot of attitude and charisma. It would surely be a great match!
Splinter_C Adam Goldberg vs. Sting at WrestleMania
: I'm a huge WCW fan and a huge Goldberg and Sting fan and I would love to see them come into the WWE business and go into one more match to show the fans of wrestling how great they really are! There is no better place to do that than at WrestleMania and I am wishing for that to happen anytime!
John Cena vs. Randy Orton
Hi My Name Is Bader And I Am A 29 Year Old Male From Kuwait Which Is In The Middle East. I Would Like To See John Cena Versus Randy Orton In A Loser Becomes My Lover For The Rest Of My Life Match Because They Look
So Identical.
Unknown Kane vs Big Show
It would be cool see this two big guys in a one on one mathch
Unknown Kurt Angle vs. Chris Jericho: Submissions Match at WrestleMania 22
Geno Sasha Rob Van Dam vs. Edge: Steel Cage
I love RVD and I love Edge so seeing both my favorites in a Raw vs. Smackdown! Steel Cage Match would be like a real dream come true. 
Unknown Stone Cold vs. HBK: Hell In A Cell